Answers to "Why" Questions

No one likes electrical problems at home and most of the time when something strange happens you wonder if there is something major wrong that needs to be addressed. If your lights are flickering or maybe a socket is not working you should be concerned and have these items looked at. We have put together a list of a few items that you should be on the lookout for.

Why does my AC unit coming on make my computer, or other electronics turn off?

This could be a building wiring fault issues. This means that the computer is seeing a big change in the voltage when the AC cuts on and causes enough of a surge that it effects electronics, like computers and routers. If the hot wire and neutral were wired backwards to the outlet it will do this. It could also mean that between the neutral and the ground wire or the ground for the whole house is not set up correctly. Since the neutral and the ground are both connected to ground someplace there should not be a voltage difference like this and should be checked out.

Why is my electric bill higher this year than last year?

Your electric company may have just gone up on the price per kilowatt. It may be something is running that you did not know it was. Even electronic that are plugged in and not operating could drain tiny amounts of power. All those charging cords can add up fast. If everything is off and unplugged and your meter is still running you may have a bigger issue and you will need to have it looked at.

Why are my lights flickering when on?

It may be a simple as you need a new bulb and switching it out, especially for a LED bulb could fix it quickly. If it still flickers after the new bulb is in there is more than likely a loose bit of wiring on the light and a professional can quickly fix this issue.

Why do my light switches “pop” when I turn them on or off?

More than likely your switch is worn out or the wiring is loose. When you hear that pop or crackling noise it is a quick fix to check the wiring on the back of the switch or just change out the switch out.

As with all electrical issues in your home or business be very careful and make sure that the power is off before you work on any wiring. It is better to check twice and make very sure that you are being as safe as possible when you are working with electricity.