Ceiling Fan Installation Dacula GA

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New Ceiling Fan Installed in a bedroom

We’ve all seen a ceiling fan that looks like it could fall at any minute. As the entire fan shakes from side to side, everyone tries to avoid standing underneath it. If it’s time to have your ceiling fan replaced or if you just want to add one to a room, contact the Dacula ceiling fan installation professionals at Socket Doctors!

Having served hundreds of homeowners across the Dacula, Georgia area, Socket Doctors have become a trusted source for electrical repairs and installations. We take pride in our work and are grateful for every customer. Because of this, we are offering $30 off your next Dacula ceiling fan installation. Now is the perfect time to add a fan to your bedroom, living room or any other area of your home!

Ceiling Fans Lower Energy Bills

Do certain parts of your house tend stay warmer than others? Instead of running the air conditioner at full blast just because one room is too hot, simply add a ceiling fan. The room will be much more comfortable without the need to crank up the AC. Your energy bills will be lower every month saving you money!

Many people only run their fans when a room is too warm. However, a ceiling fan can also help you when a room is too cold. Simply switch the rotation of the blades from counterclockwise to clockwise and the fan will blow the warm air that tends to float around the ceiling down into the rest of the room. This is a great trick that will save energy during those cold winter months!

Your Local Dacula Electricians

If you are in need of ceiling fan installation in Dacula, GA, contact your friends at Socket Doctors. Don’t forget to fill out the form on this page to receive your coupon! Schedule an appointment today!