Ceiling Fan Installation Lawrenceville GA

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New Ceiling Fan Installed in a bedroom

A well-placed ceiling fan can create some much-needed air circulation in a room, providing you with an affordable alternative to home cooling. Ceiling fans, however, are not so easy to install. Unlike other ceiling fixtures, ceiling fans are heavy and consist of many moving parts. Because of this, ceiling fans require professional installation.

Reduce Your Energy Bill

Does one room of your house constantly feel warmer than others? Installing a window air conditioner would certainly fix the problem, but these units can be cumbersome and use a lot of energy. Instead, you could install a ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans can also be used to keep your home warm during the winter. How so? Warm air rises, causing it to be trapped near the ceiling. By simply reversing the rotation of the fan from counterclockwise to clockwise, you can blow that warm into the room.

Reliable Ceiling Fan Installation

Proper wiring is crucial to ensure ceiling fans work correctly. They draw power from an electrical ceiling box which secures the electrical wiring for the fan as well as carry the weight of the fan itself.

Ceiling fans have the potential to be very dangerous if they are not securely fastened to the ceiling. Fans that are not securely fastened will wiggle when they run. This should indicate that the fan was not properly installed or needs to be repaired. Because of their weight and motion, ceiling fans have the potential to detach and crash to the floor if they are not properly fastened.

Professional Lawrenceville GA Ceiling Fan Installation

Socket Doctors have installed ceiling fans in homes all over Lawrenceville, GA. All of our technicians are professionally trained and certified and have many years of experience. To schedule a ceiling fan installation, call us at 678-835-9340 or visit our contact page. Be sure to also check out our coupon page for special offers.