DIY Electrical Work: What Projects are Safe?


Err on the Side of Caution With DIY Electrical Work

Over the last 15 years or so the idea of do-it-yourself projects has become very popular. DIY jobs have become so popular in fact, that there are over 50 different DIY reality TV shows on cable. These shows depict DIY projects that seem far more speedy, cheaper and hassle-free than they are in reality. The real reality lies in the fact that the shows you watch have much bigger budgets, professional contractors and often times take a few months, not a weekend, to finalize. Keep in mind that plenty of people who are faced with some harsh DIY realities of how costly, dangerous, and complicated doing it yourself can be. All of that in consideration, there are still a plethora of projects that can be completed by you, the homeowner, safely, quickly, and cheaply. Electricity, however, is not usually one of them.

Be Aware of Any Type of Risk

The majority of people doing it themselves are usually in unfamiliar territory. Be sure to take all of the proper precautions and read up on your intended project and its inherent risks. You will have a leg up not only on other amateurs but your awareness of what could go wrong may end up keeping your home and family safe. Generally speaking, hanging drywall, paving a patio, changing out a faucet cartridge and installing a backsplash are low-risk DIY projects. Most people draw the line at DIY electrical work. Sure, you can plug in a refrigerator or screw in a light bulb, but leave the high-voltage heavy lifting to certified electricians.

Safe Environments Are a Must

No matter whether you’re hanging extra shelving in a closet or installing a surround sound system, if you aren’t familiar with the tools and materials, you could be in for a rough ride. Extreme injury could be the outcome for you or others if you’re not fully prepared for and educated about your upgrade. Every home improvement job carries risks, and these risks can be hard to see if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Be aware that this can affect your homeowners insurance and if something were to happen, could present you as a liability because you are liable for anything good, bad, or otherwise, that goes on in your home. Should an injury occur your premiums may increase due to the risk that you may present.

Hire a Professional

It’s recommended that other than installing a simple light fixture or mounting appliances, most projects that involve electricity should not be done by the homeowner. Call a professional instead. A certified electrician will have the proper permits, education, and experience necessary to complete the job effectively and without incident. Making sure your electrician is insured is a plus, too. This will help protect you and your belongings should something go away.

At Socket Doctors, we believe wholeheartedly that electricity isn’t something to be toyed with. Our technicians are certified Master Electricians and are fully bonded and insured and ready to furnish proof of insurance.