Why Not to DIY Electrical Work

With the advent of social media channels like YouTube and Viemo, taking on DIY or Do-It-Yourself projects has never been easier. Undertaking a DIY project is a great money saving option for homeowners who want to fix problems in their home or simply improve its value. However, there are particular repairs like electrical work, that you are better off leaving to the professionals. With something like electrical wiring, the cost of hiring an electrician from the beginning is more cost effective than having one come in after the fact. It is a known fact that DIY'ers who undertake electrical home improvement projects seldomly walk away with a positive experience. Here are some reason why:

There’s a “Code”

Unless you are ready to read all 644 Codes and Standards by the National Electric Code, chances are your handiwork will not be up to par. Every single aspect of electrical work is regulated by very strict codes --from the nuts and bolts to the wires. What does this mean? If you carry out your DIY electrical project and something goes wrong -- for instance a fire or any other damage-- your home insurance is rendered invalid. In other words, you are not covered for any damage incurred as a direct result of your handiwork. Your insurance company may also place you in the high-risk category, which can result in higher rates. In the long run, the DIY risk you are taking could come with a hefty bill.

The Experienced Eye

Not all contractors are the same, same goes for electricians. When you hire a qualified electrician, you're also hiring their experience. Here is why this is important. In some unfortunate cases, electrical wiring is poorly done -- to no fault of your own -- a trained and experienced electrician can not only quickly spot any unforeseen problems; but they can also attribute the proper solutions. The last thing you want is to knowingly put yourself in harms ways. This leads us to our next reason why it is better to leave it to the professionals.


The most important reason you should not DIY your electrical repairs is because it is very dangerous. According to the National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association, in the United States, the annual cost of damages sustained by electrical fires totals $3.4 billion per year. Not only can you accidentally electrocute yourself or others, you might set your house on fire. Both of these reasons could result in fatality or serious injury. Simply put, any monetary savings are not worth it.

By all means, replace all the light bulbs, and light fixtures to your heart's content. As for any re-wiring or other serious electrical work, it is best to seek out a professional. This way you can ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. For the long-term integrity and reliability of your home contact the professionals at Socket Doctors today.