Licensed, Master Electricians

Finding and hiring an electrician is clearly the most fun anyone could have, right? That’s sarcasm. Unfortunately, there’s no sarcasm font, so you’ll have to take our word for it. If truth be told, finding and hiring an electrician is nearly one of the most impossible tasks to take on. Each electrical firm telling you the same thing: “We’ve got the lowest prices.” “Our service is second to none.” “We only use premium grade replacement products.” The litany of terms electricians use to get you to use them is endless, yet still all the same. What sets Socket Doctors apart from the rest of the crowd is that every technician is a fully licensed Master Electrician with years of valuable experience.

Reliable and Professional

From recessed lighting and chandelier installs to outlet additions and ceiling fan installation, Socket Doctors does it all, and they do it with a professional cleanliness and attitude any homeowner will be elated with. The professionals that call Socket Doctors home are some of the most down to earth and approachable guys in not only the electrician market, but in any field. They can help you with small projects and complete remodel jobs alike. You really don’t want some guy off the street wearing a stained shirt and looking unprofessional in your home. We’re not talking judging a book by its cover or anything, but you just want someone who looks like they know what they’re doing in your home and around your family. Even if stained-shirt guy has a PhD in electrical work, if he comes in your home looking anything less than an expert, you’ll have your reservations.

Of course, instead of hiring someone you can always do it yourself. Let’s be real, who doesn’t want to get up on a ladder to replace their ceiling fan and mess with who-knows-how-many watts that are flowing freely up there? Oh wait, no one wants to do that! Granted, some people out there can YouTube how to do anything electrical, for those of you daredevils out there – Have at it! Generally people don’t want any part of electrical work. It’s not like plumbing - a pipe leaks, you can go turn off the water and you got wet. Electricity leaks and you’re going to the hospital! Call Socket Doctors and let the professionals do all the dirty work and they’ll make sure your home is wired, lit, plugged in and entertained safely.