Signs of Faulty Wiring

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Being a homeowner is a wonderful thing. Doing things yourself has become your go-to activity in the evenings and on weekends. You replaced that shower cartridge and stopped that leaky showerhead. You and your kids took on the floor replacement in your kitchen and it looks fantastic. Now, your wife has come home from the hardware store and has new light fixtures. You’re going to go straight to YouTube and figure out how to get those things installed, right? Wait a minute. That means you have to deal with electricity. Well, maybe you’re not so sure that you want to do that anymore. You feel that way for a good reason. Electricity should be left to the professionals! For those of you reading this that have installed your own fixtures and such, kudos to you. Unless of course you’ve had issues with your devices since their being installed. Does that sound familiar?

When you flip the switch for the new light fixture in your dining room does it take a second or two for the light to come on? Does it make a weird sound when it comes on? Are the lights intermittently flickering or dimming? Do any of your lights buzz, vibrate or hum when on? If you’re lighting is experiencing any of these problems, there’s a fair to good chance that faulty wiring is to blame. Get help NOW! Electricity is a dangerous mistress and a typical homeowner should not try to tame her. Contact an electrician to help with any electrical issues you might have.

Another sign of bad wiring is charred or scorched marks around your wall outlets. Even if they don’t make any weird noises or spark, you could still have bad wiring. When your home was built the electricians who installed all of the outlets were likely licensed and very aware of the code with which the outlets had to be installed. However, if you’re in an older home, the wires that were probably grounded when installed may have come disconnected or rotted by now.

Leave Electrical Problems to the Experts

You really don’t want to mess with electricity. It sounds cool, but it’s only fun for people who know exactly what they’re doing. For those needs you should call professional electricians like the ones at Socket Doctors. No job is too small or too big for these Master Electricians. From ceiling fan installations to complete rewiring of electrical grids, they really are the masters of electricity.