Should You Install a Ceiling Fan?

That’s probably a question you or your significant other have asked each other at some point. Do we need one in the living room? What about the bedroom? The office? The bathroom? Ok, maybe not in the bathroom. It really is a legitimate question, though. Does it make sense to install ceiling fans? Unless you live in a constant climate zone, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Other than just cooling off when it’s hot outside, ceiling fans serve a greater purpose: They save you money. Period. You may ask “how” and that’s an answer we’ll get to shortly. There are so many gorgeous ceiling fans available that not only help regulate temperature, but can provide light, and be a constant source of aesthetic pleasure. A ceiling fan that matches or complements the décor in your home has the ability to look fantastic if it’s installed right and functions properly.

How Does a Fan Save Money?

Great question. Having a ceiling fan running when temperatures are extremely warm or cool (we’ll explain how it can help during the winter, later), can greatly reduce your energy costs by helping regulate the temperature of the room it’s in. Keep in mind that each degree your thermostat is set lower in the winter and higher in the summer can save you 1 to 3% of energy costs. A fan has the ability, if installed properly, to lower the temperature in typical living rooms anywhere from 3 to 10 degrees. That could equal big savings on your power bill and allow you to spend a lot less to keep your home comfortable. The money you spend on a ceiling fan and having it installed will pale in comparison to the money you save on your monthly cooling/heating costs. If you’ve got a ceiling fan and are not using it, you are essentially wasting money.

Benefits of a Ceiling Fan During Cooler months

Though many people don’t realize it, your fan can help aid you in saving some cash throughout the cooler months, as well as the warm ones. Fans are made with a directional switch that allows you to control the direction of the fan blades, and in turn, the air flow. In the summer, you keep your fan on normal and it helps cool you off. But did you know that in the colder season if you flip that switch the fan will circulate the opposite direction and actually pulls the warm air down from the ceiling? As we all know, warm air rises and tends to stay near our ceilings. To help combat this, flip this switch on the side of your fan to allow it to move the warmer air down closer to your level. This can help alleviate the ever-rising energy costs that are incurred monthly from your pal, the electric company.

So, to answer the question, “Do I need a ceiling fan in my home?” the answer is most likely “yes.” With the combination of keeping your home more comfortable and lowering your heating and cooling expenses, it’s a great idea to consider adding one or more ceiling fans to your home. Living room? Yes. Master bedroom? Yes. Kids and guest rooms? Yes. Some kitchens and certain bathrooms have ceiling fans, but that’s up to you. The bottom line is, a ceiling fan can really enhance your home owning experience, in more ways than one.