Repairing/Replacing Old Wiring

As homes get older, so does the material in them. Typically appliances, roofs, lights, water heater, furnaces, etc. all get replaced. But a lot of time the wiring is overlooked. In homes that are 40 plus years old, the wiring throughout the house is outdated and usually does not have the ground wire. The easiest way to tell is if your home has outlets with only 2 slots. This could become a safety issue and needs to be addressed. There are several solutions ranging from replacing all the wiring to changing a few things so that it is safer. Contact us today to ensure your older wiring is safe for use.

New Circuit Installation

When wanting to upgrade your gas stove to electric, your gas water heater to electric, or just adding a hot tub or wine cooler, you’ll need to ensure the wiring for those units is in place. When a new appliance is being installed in the kitchen or an old gas unit is being changed to electric, a new circuit is needed. Installing the proper wiring and shut off devices are very important. We specialize in new circuit installations and hooks up to ensure your appliances are installed properly.

Hot Tub Wiring

Most hot tubs require a 60 amp 240-volt circuit. Wiring the hot tub up to code is very important, so hiring a professional electrician is strongly recommended. Hot Tubs have several codes in addition to the National Electrical Code to ensure your family’s safety while in use.

Wiring the correct amperage and voltage is also very important to ensure the unit will work properly and last a long time. You may also want to install a surge protector so the unit is fully protected from any lightning strikes.

Pond/Fountain Wiring

Koi Ponds, waterfalls, and water fountains look fabulous in a well-manicured backyard. Choosing the right water feature, finding a company to install it, and landscaping the surrounding area are important parts of the installation process. However, managing the proper amount of electricity to control the pumps is often overlooked. It’s not as majestic as the rocks or the flow of the water, but it is the most important part of the whole install.

Pumps are generally required to have dedicated circuits to ensure proper voltages and amps. We can install circuits for new ponds/fountains or existing ones that are having problems.

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