coupon for whole house surge protectorLightning strikes are most common in the months of June and July. Reports show that there is approximately 100,000 lightning storms each year in the U.S. alone causing somewhere in the range of $4-$5 million dollars worth of damage, and that’s not counting damages not reported. Your home is your biggest investment, but its not your home that you should worry about! It’s all your electronics, right? Well, where that may be true, there are several items that no one thinks about when there is a lightning strike.

Protect Your Appliances and Electronics

lightning striking the ground
Do you run to your TV, computer, or stereo when there is a lightning strike coming? What you don’t realize is those aren’t your biggest concern. What you should be worried about is your air conditioners on the outside of your house (average estimated cost of repair $3,500 each), what about your washer or dryer (at least $600 for the pair), and then, of course, you most assuredly forgot your kitchen appliances: your oven ($1500 +), your microwave ($250 +), your refrigerator ($2000+), and of course your dishwasher ($250 +). None of these items are easy to unplug and aside from refrigerator, microwave, washer and dryer, none can be unplugged.

Replacement/Repair Coverage

Most of your expensive items in your home are hardwired with zero surge protection on them. Our top of the line surge protection is designed to specifically target and protect your main electrical items listed above as well as furnaces, garage door openers, and for some, central vacuum systems.

This surge protection guarantees that your items will be protected and covered under a $25,000 replacement/repair coverage. This guarantees that there is no cost to you if anything were to happen to any of the items listed above. On top of that, there is a lifetime warranty. If this unit ever takes a lightning strike and needs to be replaced, it will be replaced 100% no cost to you. Call today for more information, so your home is no longer at risk!

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