Smoke Detector Repairs & Installs

Smoke detectors are required by manufacturers to be replaced every 7-10 years. This is due to the amount of dust buildup inside of units causing sensors to weaken and be blocked. Smoke detectors should be properly tested and batteries changed every 6 months to ensure full functionality.

A major recommendation is installing carbon monoxide/smoke detector combination units, sensing smoke as well as carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless gas that is lethal. A detector is recommended anywhere there is a gas appliance like a furnace, water heater, or fireplace. These units can replace a regular smoke detector at any location so there is no need to install new wiring. Contact for more information.

Attic Vent Fan

Attic vent fans are necessary for mainly two reasons:

  1. To ensure venting in the attic so the heat doesn’t build up causing the blower in your furnace to over work and burn up
  2. To keep attics at a more controlled temperature, which will help keep the upstairs at a more controlled temperature during the hot summer months

Most attic vent fans are to be set at 105 degrees so the motor isn’t over working itself causing it to burn out quicker. Vent fan motors are replaceable and you will not need to replace entire vent fan unit. Sometimes thermostats are required to be replaced as well. If your vent fan hasn’t been running for years or you noticed it not working last summer, call now to get your motor working and ready for summer.

Grounding Systems

Most are unfamiliar with a grounding system, but many are affected by a faulty one. You’ll never know whether you have one or not, until you realize you don’t have one. It’s not pretty or fashionable, it’s not even noticeable, but its more than necessary. A grounding system to a home is very crucial part to any electrical system. Grounding systems are designed for safety as well as protection. Electricity is always seeking for a direct path to ground, any way possible. Without the proper grounding system, that could potentially be you, and even with it can be you, but at much less of a risk.

One of the most common needs for a proper grounding system today is lightning strikes. Lightning rods, surge protectors, whole house surge protectors, are all important but useless without the proper grounding system. Once lightning strikes, it needs a path to ground to release the energy. Any way possible it will get to ground, and it will be safer with a grounding system. To ensure your home is protected and grounded properly, call today for a full home inspection to ensure your home is safe.

Whole House Fans

Many know what these are and some do not. A whole house fan circulates air through home, most commonly in spring, when a door or window is open or cracked, thus cooling the home without the use of air conditioner. Many newer homes 15 years old and newer do not have these. Very common in older homes, and very valuable. Some choose to remove it, some choose to not use it, and some choose to cover it up. But, most still use to this day.

Fan motors can burn out, or just quit working with age. And some were never installed proper to begin with. All units, no matter the age, are required to have a fire stat ensuring that if the fan is on, and there is a fire, the spring switch would shut fan off, thus not feeding the fire with air circulation. We replace and service whole house fans. Checking for fire stats is a very important part of our home inspections. Call today and have it inspected or serviced.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Whether you have an old ceiling fan that nobody feels safe standing underneath or you want to install a new fan in a room that doesn’t have one, we have you covered with professional ceiling fan installation. Ceiling fans are a great way to save money on your power bills and keep the air circulating throughout your home.

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