The main service to your home has many components. It starts at the street and comes to your home either underground or overhead. This portion of your service is controlled by the power company; this is the only portion that they are responsible for.

After reaching the meter, the lines run into your home to your main panel. That is where the main service ends.

Common Main Service Problems

There could be several reasons why a service would need to be repaired or replaced; the most common is storm damage. While falling tree limbs can obviously damage your house, they may also land on your home’s power lines which can result in major damage to your electrical service. Most situations will result in replacing the service altogether.

Assessing the damage to any service is vital to ensure proper repair/replacement. Your main service is the backbone of your electrical system and having it inspected and maintained is important to the life of your service. Call today to have your main service inspected by a licensed, master electrician and keep your equipment running at peak performance for years to come.