As we look to become less dependent on oil, car companies continue to make more hybrid and electric cars. The economic and environmental benefits make these vehicles a smart choice for both consumers and manufacturers. Now that electric cars are more common, there is an increasing need for charging stations. Each day more homes and businesses are looking to add this equipment.

EV Charging Station Installation & Repair

As master electricians, Socket Doctors provides Atlanta with professional EV charger installation and repair services to ensure proper safety and functionality.

Home Chargers for Tesla, Toyota, Lexus & More

an electric vehicle charging in a homeowner's garageWhether you drive a Toyota, Lexus, Tesla or any other type of vehicle, our electricians are here to provide you with the electric car charger service you need. It is important to have your EV chargers installed and repaired correctly. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you risk costly damages and potential injuries.

Get the Most Out of Your Vehicle Charging Station

As Atlanta’s expert electricians, you can count on us for quality work and exceptional customer service. We can show you tips and tricks for proper maintenance and efficiency to get the most out of your vehicle charging station. We also offer competitive prices and deals that you may not find at some of the area dealerships.

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We love our community and we enjoy helping the neighborhood go green. If you’re thinking about having a car charging station installed, or if you need your car charger repaired, contact us today! If you have any questions or concerns, our team is here to assist you.