Full Home Inspections

Whether you just moved into your home or have lived there for 20 years, an electrical inspection is very important to ensure the safety of your equipment. No matter how old the house, there can always be underlining problems due to faulty workmanship. There are new code requirements and updated safety recommendations every 2 years, mostly due to the ever changing technology allowing homes to become more self-sufficient and safe.

With a full home inspection, we will inspect your entire electrical system including but not limited to:

  • Main service wiring
  • Main panel box
  • Main grounding system
  • All GFCI safety outlets
  • All outlets throughout the home
  • Proper functionality of GFCI and AFCI breakers
  • Inspect wiring in attic and crawl space/basement.

We also inspect smoke detectors with smoke spray to ensure sensor functionality and replace all dead batteries. We will inform you of any code violations and/or safety issues that need to be addressed in chronological order of importance.

Dock Inspections

Dock Inspections are required by US Army Corp. of Engineers whenever a dock permit is up for renewal. The dock inspection is to be completed by a state-licensed electrician, ensuring all wiring to and from the dock is safe and up to code. All inspections are thorough and come with a complete list of needed repairs. Once the inspection is completed the inspection form will be filled out and signed properly. Call today for more details.

Lightning Damage Inspections

If a lightning strike damages your house, your insurance company will recommend you hire an electrician to inspect your home. We work closely with insurance companies to ensure you are taken care of in any lightning strike situation. Our electricians will thoroughly inspect your home for damages and potential hazards. Lightning inspections include all lights, outlets, GFCI outlets, breakers, main panel, garage doors, furnace wiring, air conditioner wiring and breakers, and all kitchen appliances.

If you need electrical inspections in Suwanee, Dacula, Buford, or Metro Atlanta, contact Socket Doctors today!