Main Panel Replacement

Lights flickering all over house? Outlets not working throughout? These could be signs of damages occurring to your main electrical panel. There are several issues that could cause damages to your panel. One of the most common that is found is faulty workmanship. Your panel is delicate and precise equipment, that needs maintained properly, with the correct installation of all breakers and wires.

We specialize in installing the proper material and ensuring all installations are safe and up to code. We also ensure there is no damage to your walls or the sheetrock repair’s on us. Call today if you feel your panel needs inspected or you are unsure of work that has been done to your system.

Main Panel Rejuvenation

Believe it or not, but not all “electricians” know what they are doing, or just don’t care. Many times when a basement is finished after home was built, or circuits are added at a later date, the breakers that are installed are not the correct ones. Proper breaker installation is required by your panel manufacturer, Underwriters Laboratories, and of course NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency).

This is due to the studies on improper breakers causing damages to your electrical equipment and homes. Sometimes a full panel replacement is not needed, but rejuvenation would put your home safe and up to code. Rejuvenation includes all new manufacturer required breakers, all new connections inside your equipment, as well as a full panel labeling so you know what each breaker does.

Fuse Box Replacement

Fuse boxes is an outdated electrical system. Not all fuse boxes need replaced and not all fuse boxes are unsafe. It is recommended to replace a fuse box with a breaker box due to most ages of fuse boxes as well as the hassle of having to figure out which fuse is faulty and replacing it. A breaker panel is much more sufficient and reliable. With breaker panels you can also install safety breakers such as an arc fault breaker or GFCI breaker designed to protect your home and your family.

Sub Panels

Sub panels are needed in several instances, including but not limited to: wiring a basement or addition and don’t have more space in the main panel, your main panel is already overloaded thus making it unsafe and against code, and wiring pools or hot tubs. Sub panels vary in size as well as amperage. Installation of sub panels may vary, call for details.

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