Finishing a basement is a very long and tedious process that usually requires several months of mess and noise, but the finished product is always worth it. Having completed numerous basement wiring projects throughout Buford and Metro Atlanta, Socket Doctors can help you create the basement of your dreams.

Contractors You Can Trust

Finding the proper contractors to finish a basement is never easy. Homeowners often wonder:

  • When are they going to show up?
  • Are they going to show up?
  • Are they going to finish on time?
  • Is one contractor holding up another contractor?
  • Is the workmanship what it should be, and do I want poor workmanship in my house?

The answer to that last question is and should always be no. Poor workmanship by electrical contractors is a very dangerous issue. If your plumber takes shortcuts, you have water to clean up. If your HVAC contractor takes shortcuts, you have to deal with uncomfortable temperatures. But if your electrical contractor takes shortcuts, it can be fatal. Your new basement, and possibly your home could be at risk.

Professional Basement Wiring

a finished basementIt is important to research any contractor you consider hiring and ensure the electrician installing the basement wiring is personally licensed. Georgia State Law only requires 1 licensed electrician per company, and there is no maximum number of employees under any given license. At Socket Doctors, we only employ licensed technicians. No matter how big or small the job, there will always be an actual licensed electrician on site.

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