Circuit Installations

an overloaded outletThere are many needs once a homeowner moves into their home. One of which is most assuredly needing more power in one specific location. Every homeowner is different, every homeowner’s needs are different. We specialize in installing the circuit or outlet in the exact spot that is best for you.

With our knowledge and experience we are confident that our licensed technicians will not only install your circuit fully up to code, but will do it the most aesthetic way possible so when he’s done, there are no repairs for you. From needing a simple outlet for your home office computers, to needing a new line ran for an oven, stove, or hot tub. We can do it all.

Indoor & Outdoor Outlet Installations

Having problems figuring out where to put that lamp? Tired of having to run a cord into the house to do yard work or holiday lighting? Call today and we can install the outlet you need in the location you need it, all up to code and wires hidden. Concerned about what it will look like, our technicians will walk you through each step so you’re aware of the process and what the final product will look like. Don’t put up with extension cords any more, call for your outlet install now.