TV Installation Stone Mountain GA

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A flat screen TV mounted to a wall in a living room.

Do you have a flat panel TV that’s either sitting on a stand, propped on the mantel or haphazardly mounted to your wall? If so, then Socket Doctors custom TV installation is right for you. We make it easy for you to binge watch your favorite streaming shows or sit all Saturday and watch college football. All of this with no nagging wires visible and no chance of the possibly-not-up-to-code DIY wall mount you’ve installed, crashing down.

A Clean & Elegant Wireless Look

Wires hanging from behind your TV to your DVR, from your DVR to the wall, from the BluRay player to your TV and then back to your gaming system can get really annoying and be a terrible eyesore. If you’ve got an extension cord going from an outlet to your TV because there isn’t an outlet where you want it, we can install one wherever you like. Let our certified Stone Mountain electricians fix the wiring and securely mount your flat panel TV in a way that your entertainment room deserves.

Get Ahead of The Joneses

Whenever you visit a friend or neighbor’s house there’s generally some bit of technology or a home feature that you don’t have, but desperately want. Now you can not only keep up with them, but get ahead of them by being the first on your block or on your fantasy football team to have a professionally installed HD flat panel TV. You will be the envy of the neighborhood with the sleek look and classy angles you’ll be rocking in your living room. You’ve already purchased the TV and pay for satellite or cable, now just complete the ensemble with the sophisticated look of a wall mounted TV.

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